SWTOR Bioanalysis Levelling Guide – How to Accelerate Your Team Skills?

SWTOR Bioanalysis Levelling Guide – How to Accelerate Your Team Skills?

The conventional way such as the gathering skills on other games such as Wow is to run across the game world and collect the materials that you want. Bioanalysis from degrees 200-300 will cost a whopping 50,000 credits Finally to max out the ability and get to level cap you may find that Amounts 300-400 cost about 75,000 credits.

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Bioanalysis Levelling Guide From 1-400:

Bioanalysis Levels From 1-90

When you start levelling this ability you should visit Dortmund Kais if you are Empire or Corus cant if you are Republic. All You Have to do is turn on the Resource tab on the map and you will see loads of places to farm for Bioanalysis here. You will find plenty of areas to farm here and it is simply a case of Running around and collecting the Bioanalysis in the nodes.

Bioanalysis Levels 75-140

Next you may want to head over to Tarsi. Do exactly the same think as you did On Dortmund Kais or Corus cant over and ensure to have the map set to find resources. Although there are nowhere as many nodes on Tarsi if you stay close to the beginning zones of the planet you will have the ability to level up to 140 rather readily.

Bioanalysis Levels 140-175

If you need a little boost and are having a hard time gathering on Tarsi Then head outside to Nar Shade and you will have the ability to get to 175 fairly straightforward. Just visit the Red Light District area and you will find loads of nodes to farm there.

Bioanalysis Levels 175-250

Next up you should head over to Tattooing and You will be able to buy swtor credits nodes to farm, however this is for a reason. Tattooing is extremely great for Bioanalysis as it  would not be that crowded but all the nodes are really spread out So make sure you have a speeder or if you do not  it is best to level this Section using the mission abilities and sending out your companion again

Bioanalysis Levels 250-350

Here you have a choice depending on which faction you play. You Will Need to Head to Hot, Balsamic, Quash or Voss and The main point to remember with these planets is that for Bioanalysis the resources are rather sparse however if you are questing you will have the ability to level up here in time.

Bioanalysis Levels 350-400

For the last leg of your quest to max out the Bioanalysis Crew Skill you will head to Ileum or Corelli and same thing here as the remaining planets that you have been too switch on the source choice on your map and begin gathering.

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